Best Ways to Avoid Premature Aging

Best Ways to Avoid Premature Aging

Best Ways to Avoid Premature Aging

A lot of factors initiate the aging process. Though not all factors can be completely stopped, many can be slowed down. The aging which occurs on the inside such as at organ and cellular level is unavoidable but that doesn’t mean we can’t stop the extrinsic aging (wrinkles, etc). Extrinsic aging is caused by lifestyle and environment factors. The fine lines on the face are inevitable which is why we all lose youthful appearance with time. There are many preventive actions which inhibit aging on the skin. Here’s a number of ways that can help make you look and feel younger:

  1. Protect your skin

Whether you are out getting groceries or going on a vacation, it is important to shield your skin against the sun. The sun protection can be achieved by searching for shade, a wide hat, wearing long clothes for example long sleeves and a lightweight shirt, and sunglasses with UV protection. You should wear sunscreen whenever you go out. It should be resistant to water and broad spectrum (SPF 30 or more). All the parts of the body which are not covered with clothing should have sunscreen applied on it. If you want extra sun protection, search for clothes having a UV protection factor label. 

  • Eat a balanced diet

Results from some studies indicate that consuming lots of fresh vegetables and fruits will help avoid damage from early skin aging. According to some studies, a diet including plenty of refined carbohydrates or sugar can speed up aging. 

  • Exercise frequently

Scientists have found that moderate exercise enhances blood circulation and improves immunity. As a result, this might offer the skin a younger appearance. 

  • Use self-tanner 

Each time you tan, you fuel the aging process. This is accurate for sun tanning, any indoor tanning or a tanning bed. All of these emit dangerous UV radiation which fuels skin aging. 

  • Don’t make repetitive facial expressions

Whenever you make a face expression, you burden the muscles underneath the skin. If you continuously burden the same muscles for years, the lines will become prominent. Therefore, to avoid squinting, you should wear sunglasses. 

  • Wash your face gently

Don’t make the mistake of scrubbing your face too roughly or it will cause irritation. Skin irritation fuels the aging of skin. Therefore, you should make a habit of washing your face gently to eliminate makeup, dirt and pollution. 

Apart from these preventive actions, you can try supplementation to slow down aging and achieve better health, such as nmn products and nr supplement for the best anti-aging effects. Educate yourself about latest research about longevity; the Hallmarks of Aging Series: NAD and Epigenetic Alteration.